Luxforsale´s ai, new uk headquarters, academy: revolutionizing luxury real estate again

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In front of over 300 attendees, Luxforsale's convention was an absolute success. New projects were unveiled, including Luxforsale LTD and an Artificial Intelligence set to revolutionize the real estate world.

Every year, Luxforsale works to reshape its dreams, and such was the case at the Melià Hotel in Milan on December 2, 2023, the day of the company's annual convention. Here, Luxforsale's board presented future projects slated for 2024, promising to bring a new revolutionary boost to the Real Estate world. What are we talking about? Artificial Intelligence, a new London headquarters, and Luxforsale Academy. But there's much more.

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence: the first in the real estate world

Undoubtedly, the most striking announcement concerns the creation of proprietary Artificial Intelligence linked to the Luxforsale portal. This marks a historic moment as the first experiment of its kind in the real estate world. According to information revealed during the convention, the project's launch is imminent. Users will soon be able to leverage Luxforsale's AI to optimize their portal searches, supported by a meta-human graphic interface named "Luke," ensuring unprecedented levels of efficiency for a real estate platform.

Luxforsale LTD: the global vision continues

Luxforsale, already known as a leader in the Italian luxury real estate sector, is working to gain even more international visibility. In this context, Luxforsale LTD is born, unveiled at the December 2 Convention and strategically based in London. This marks a crucial step in the company's global expansion strategy, targeting the post-Brexit English luxury market. Luxforsale aims to capture the growing interest of foreign investors in the Italian market, as highlighted by the Luxforsale 2023 Observatory, and establish a strong presence in the English and international real estate arena. The success of this initiative was recently validated when Luxforsale presented its project to the esteemed British Chamber of Commerce.

Partnership with Airbnb Luxe

Luxforsale's convention will undoubtedly have an epochal impact on the luxury real estate world. Within the event, another major portal update was announced: a strategic partnership with Airbnb Luxe, a renowned international platform specializing in short-term rentals. This collaboration will focus on promoting luxury properties for short-term rentals, with a particular emphasis on high-income clients such as celebrities, athletes, and members of the global jet set. Additionally, the partnership lays the groundwork for a significant project related to the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan-Cortina.

Today's Partners and Tomorrow's Professionals

Luxforsale's convention was also an opportunity to celebrate and recognize key partners of 2023, emphasizing the importance of collaborations contributing to the portal's ongoing success. Furthermore, Luxforsale introduced the Luxforsale Academy, a tailor-made academic initiative for luxury real estate professionals. Led by Maurizio Bellante, with 15 years of educational experience in the industry and over 16,000 students trained, the Academy offers a unique opportunity to deepen skills in the luxury real estate world and prepare for future challenges.

The December 2nd convention was truly a memorable event for Luxforsale, marked – as often happens with the portal – by innovation, both technologically and commercially. A genuine leap into the future for the luxury real estate world.

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