luxury real estate: 2023 design trends

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Design is a fundamental aspect for luxury properties, as it helps to create the unique atmosphere and exclusivity required by those looking for these types of properties. Furthermore, luxury properties are often designed by internationally renowned architects and designers, capable of creating unique and captivating spaces, using high quality materials and unique design elements that are often unobtainable elsewhere.
Design, like any artistic field, evolves from year to year, alternating innovation with the recovery of old schools of thought. In this article by Luxforsale we analyze in detail the main design trends for 2023

Luxury real estate design: what to know
Basically, luxury properties are often furnished with internationally renowned design pieces, such as luxury furniture, fine carpets, lamps and paintings. Furthermore, there are often decorative elements such as marble, granite, stone and precious wood.
Furthermore, in recent years there is a growing trend towards eco-sustainable design, using natural materials and energy-saving technologies, to respond to the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly properties.

Trends for 2023
As mentioned, trends in the design of luxury properties are evolving towards greater attention to ecology, sustainability and the well-being of the inhabitants. Here are some current trends in the design of luxury properties, which you can also find in many properties on our portal:
1. Sustainable design: There is growing attention to using sustainable materials, such as wood and stone, and adopting energy-saving technologies, such as geothermal heating and cooling, to reduce environmental impact of luxury properties.
2. Well-being oriented design: attention is also increased towards the integration of elements that promote the well-being of the inhabitants, such as the use of natural lights, the creation of green spaces and the incorporation of swimming pools, saunas and fitness rooms in projects.
3. Minimalist design: for 2023 the trend towards a minimalist, clean and tidy design is also gaining strength, using few decorative elements and neutral colors to create a relaxing and peaceful environment.
4. Hybrid design: in some cases, there is also a new interest in hybrid design, which combines traditional elements with modern elements to create a unique and captivating environment.
5. Personalized design: as in every sector, even in luxury real estate attention is growing towards customization, in this area represented by a personalized design, capable of considering the needs and tastes of the buyer to create a tailor-made property.
6. Open design: the last trend to consider is that of the so-called “open design”. In fact, more and more properties prefer large windows and open spaces to create a bright and airy environment.
In general, as we have seen, current trends in the design of luxury properties focus on three main guidelines: the adoption of sustainable technologies and materials, the promotion of the well-being of the inhabitants and the decisive move towards an increasingly personalized and hybrid design.

In the picture a work by the artist Lafoz

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