Opificio 0325: the new frontiers of luxury pass through personalized and original accessories

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Craftsmanship "marries" luxury, and the combination conquers the market. The story of Mario Bossi is that of an entrepreneur who in 2018, thanks to the experience of the artisan services offered to various luxury brands (Armani, Hugo Boss and others) in the fashion accessories sector, decided to create an "ad hoc" brand ” to address private individuals who want a “something” not present on the market.

“Opificio 0325” was therefore born from the experience of an artisan company from Varese now in its third generation, which grew and took off thanks to the love and passion for quality craftsmanship. “My grandfather - says the owner of the brand, Mario - ever since I was a child, he always told me that his "workhorse" was in fact an article with the code 0325, that is, a jewelery box equipped with an internal light. He was able to create this piece even by assembling pieces of paper, and when we thought of a name for the brand this came to mind, which is a tribute to him, the founder of our company."

The luxury accessories market is experiencing a moment of transformation. Customers are fed up with what the big designer market offers, so they ask for the possibility of having unique, original, personalized bags and other accessories.
“The strong point of Opificio 0325 is precisely this: for each customer/client we follow the project from start to finish, we also do it for the luxury brands for which we have always collaborated. Every single detail is customized, from the design to the creation of the bag, to its production. This is a very high level service, which obviously uses top quality suppliers, including those who deal with finishing or reinforcement materials. Another principle that we have embraced in the company is environmental sustainability, which we put into practice with the use of glues and certified materials, even the tanneries follow environmentally friendly measures", added Bossi.

This eco-sustainable luxury brand has already conquered the Russian, American, English, United Arab Emirates and Korean markets. “Opificio 0325” creates unique, original, valuable pieces, demonstrating that Made in Italy does not stop, on the contrary. Embellished with quality work, it is literally taking flight.

Opificio 0325 is the new brand that Matteo Bossi, with his three-generation artisan company, wanted to launch to follow the new trend of the luxury market: creating personalized and original accessories, made based on the needs and tastes of each customer.
Visit the Opificio 0325 website: www.opificio0325.it
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