Personal Agent is a new innovative service designed and developed by for customers belonging to the profile Luxury Brand.

What is
The real estate market with the advent of technology, especially the Internet, has allowed the development of platforms and operating where real estate agencies and private owners selling their property.
This abundance of product on the market creates problems in the selection and skimming of the same, according to the search criteria of the customer.
Besides, once selected properties more attractive, there is to be interfaced with different figures ranging from technical (surveyors, architects, etc. ..) to real estate agencies, and individuals.

The goal is to create a single figure with which our customers can interact, the latter being in charge in product research assigned, schedule appointments, accompany the client and follow him in all aspects (technical, legal, economic ).
The competent person who will follow you step by step until the conclusion of the deal, will be selected among the professionals on the portal, which have proven over time high professionalism and competence in the field.
With the formula PATTI LIGHT, and notify the customer will indicate, by filling out the form below and your search parameters, which will be communicated only to a personal agent, who will contact the customer, contractualize a written mandate and to follow up the customer the conclusion of the deal.

The service charge will be determined by the customer with the personal agent selected from Luxforsale, nothing will be paid if the deal will fail in the end, otherwise the agreed amount will be paid only at the end of the deal.

Activities Luxforsale
The service of Personal Agent does not create economic benefits Luxforsale either by the customer or by the professional selected for this Luxforsale monitor with the client the progress of negotiations, in order to improve the service offered, rewarding personal agent with high Quality Scores and exclude those with low quality scores.

Protection for the customer
We believe that with this type of innovative service both the customer and the only real figure protected, thanks to a selection of the personal agent carried to the source, and the continuous monitoring of the negotiation, which makes the personal agent is always under pressure, in order to offer customers a highly professional service.
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