Roberto sala, sala historic properties: “even in the real estate sector you need to get in the game”

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Today we interviewed Roberto Sala, Luxforsale certified luxury agency for the provinces of Messina and Catania

Working in the field of luxury real estate requires competence and professionalism. It is important to rely on expert personnel who can offer effective advice before, during and after the negotiation regarding a prestigious property.

Precisely to give a voice to the most established and renowned agencies in this sector, we decided to interview the owners of the Luxforsale partner agencies, in order to have a more precise idea of what it means to work in this area and what the future prospects are .

We asked a few questions to get to know Roberto Sala better, from the Sala Immobili Storici agency, which is based in Palermo. ​

What is the current trend of the real estate market in your agency's reference area?
So, let's say that the trend in my area refers to all of Sicily, because the work is mainly concentrated on properties of historical and artistic interest, or contemporary but valuable properties. As far as my experience is concerned, the trend on this type is always positive, with maximum points achievable in the summer period or at the end/beginning of the year. Often these are purchases as a second home.

Based on your experience, have you managed to identify a target customer who turns to your real estate agency?
The target of my clientele is made up mostly of people who work in the business world, executives who hold management/responsibility roles in companies, institutions, freelancers, or wealthy people who want to buy a second home.

What are the most requested properties at the moment?
Currently the most frequent request concerns properties to be used as a holiday home or houses to spend one's free time, or where to live in part of the year, but also to be used as a permanent residence.

What are the reasons that led you to create the partnership with Luxforsale for your real estate agency?
The motivation is simple: I needed to promote our properties also to a wealthy foreign clientele who could appreciate our properties, our climate and our lifestyle, far from the chaos of big cities. Sicily, due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean, has been at the center of everything for thousands of years, it is a region very rich in history and fantastic natural landscapes, we have nothing to envy that is not found on the island and its smaller islands.

Then one day I saw the website, and I was pleasantly surprised by the seriousness and simplicity with which the properties for sale are described and looked after. I hope this partnership can bring a great professional result. Later I intercepted the great Claudio Citzia, who founded LUXFORSALE and beyond, he is a volcano of ideas, I hope one day to be able to meet him in person and congratulate him on his bright career and brilliant business ideas. Who knows, maybe one day we could build another working partnership together.

What are - based on your experience in the sector - the possible future developments of the luxury real estate market in your reference area, and in general?
Let's say that, based on my brief experience in this sector, I don't feel like suggesting anything at the moment, but something else can always be invented. In life we must always aim to improve ourselves and find a new way of doing things. I think the future is in the hands of those who want to get involved, even in the real estate market.

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